The Broken Pencil Zine Awards

Broken Pencil Magazine is excited to announce that we will be rewarding the best of the best in zine culture with the Broken Pencil Zine Awards!

The 2017 awards are over (check out the awesome winners below!). Submissions for the 2018 zine awards will open in Spring 2018. To stay in the zine awards loop, sign up for the Broken Pencil newsletter.

Congratulations to the winners of the first-ever Broken Pencil Zine Awards, and a special thanks to all the amazing zinesters who submitted this year!

For those who missed it, here’s the livestream of the Zine Awards!

Here’s a list of the winners in each category!


Best Comic/Art Zine

Dakwakada Warriors II 
By Cole Pauls
(Vancouver, British Columbia)

Best Perzine

Deaf POC Poems
By Jessica Leung

Best Perzine

You Still Need a Coffin
By Shivaun Hoad 
(Toronto, Ontario)

Best Lit Zine

Spell Book for an Attic Gardener
By Laura Watson
(Sackville, New Brunswick)

Best Compilation Zine

Blacknesses Between Us
Editor Bishara Mohamed
(Toronto, Ontario)


Best DIY/How-to Zine

By Aitch Elle
(Montreal, Quebec)

Best Overall Zine

Dakwakada Warriors 2
By Cole Pauls
(Vancouver, British Columbia)

We’re so pumped to announce the finalists for the first ever Broken Pencil Zine Awards!

We received over 175 entries from all over the world, and we were totally blown away by the talent, the passion, and the variety in each category. Every zine brought something unique to the table, and it was incredibly difficult picking even this handful of finalists for each category. You’ll notice that there are twice as many finalists in the political zine and comic/art zine categories! That’s because we got way more entries in those categories, and we thought it would only be fair to move a few more on to the next round. 

Over the next few weeks our judging team will be deliberating deeply over each of these awesome zines to pick a winner! But it must be said — every zine you see here, and every zine entered in the competition is a meaningful part of the landscape of self-publishing. We’re honoured to have the opportunity to celebrate zinesters and their creations everywhere.

The winners in each category will be announced publicly at Canzine Toronto at the Art Gallery of Ontario on October 21st. The zine fair runs all day from 1pm-7pm, and the awards ceremony begins at 5pm in Jackman Hall. See you there! 

Art Zine/Comic

Super Madame – By Sophie-Anne Belisle (Scranton, Pennsylvania)

Scissors Zine – By James Clark (Toronto, Ontario)

Girls – By Jenn Woodall (Toronto, Ontario)

Everything’s Fine and On and On – By Anna Sellheim (Reboboth Beach, Delaware)

Japan 2017 – By Angela Pan (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Birth of Linda – By Tess Reid (Madoc, Ontario)

The Satisfactory But Not Especially Good Book of Zoology – Toronto Zoo Edition – By Greer Stothers (Puslinch, Ontario)

Petsitting in Iqaluit – By Mary Thaler (Quebec, Quebec)

Dakwakada Warriors 2 – By Cole Pauls (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Rainyman – By Kelvin Yu (Toronto, Ontario)

Woah-man The Dragzine #1 – By Tim Bauer (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Ballast Canting No.8: Holdfast – By Heather Tam (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Political Zines

Don’t Tell Me To Smile – By Emily Fin (Toronto, Ontario)

herenow/therethen – By Michelle Kuan, Mariel Layson, Michelle Lu (Toronto, Ontario)

Lady Parts 1 – By Dani Burlison (Santa Rosa, California)

The Young Man’s Practical Handybook to Society – By Michelle Kuan (Toronto, Ontario)

The Power Issue – By Flawless Writes (Boston, Massachusetts)

Microzine of Microaggressions – By Yes, Ma’am (Austin, Texas)

Virginity: A Toxic Concept – By Marlene Núñez (Dallas, Texas)

Deaf POC Poems – By Jessica Leung (Canada)

Sidai 000 – By Ameerah Craigg (Toronto, Ontario)

ALL TOGETHER: a primer for connecting to place + cultivating ecological citizenship By Emma Percy (Clarence, New York)

Intersections – By Olivia Hunte (Denver, Colorado)

Blacknesses Between Us –  Editor Bishara Mohamed (Toronto, Ontario) 



The Chloe Show – By Chloe Rees (Queens, New York)

Forest City – By Rin Vanderhaeghe (London, Ontario)

They’d Come to Me at Night – By Vincy Lim (Markham, Ontario)

You Still Need a Coffin- By Shivaun Hoad (Toronto, Ontario)

Shortandqueer #18: Time to get this off my chest – By Kelly Shortandqueer (Denver, Colorado)

dirges – By John Spurzine (Victoria, Australia)


How to/ DIY Zine

Guide to Journaling – By Christine Dela Cruz (Toronto, Ontario)

BBHMM – By Aitch Elle and Genevieve Darling (Montreal, Quebec)

How to be homeless in NYC – By Chloe Rees (Queens, New York)

How to Recognize Voter Suppression in its Natural Habitat – By Bronwyn Mauldin (Glendale, California)

Lonerchicks – By Toni Pecchia (Oakland, California)

Science Mom’s Coloring Book Guide to Water, Part One – By Jenny Ballif (Boulder City, Nevada)


Lit Zine

Dear Journal Issue #2 (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Haight Ashbury Literary Journal (San Francisco, California)

Is That So? Issue 4 – By Catherine Sinow (San Diego, California)

Spell Book for an Attic Gardener – By Laura Watson (Sackville, New Brunswick)

Meatheads, Or How To DIY Without Getting Killed by Noah Wareness (Toronto,Ontario)

27 Things I Learned In My 27th Year by Alex Watt (Brooklyn, New York)



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