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Perzines to the Front! Dear Diary Zine Fest

Like many things, I first saw it pop up on Twitter: There was a new zine fest on the horizon, and it would be dedicated to the art of the perzine. Like many a perzine — zines centering the personal narrative of the creator, often in an ongoing series — Dear Diary Zine Fest was […]

Journey to Meet the Staple God: Grant Me Thine Rare and Unusual Staplers

Seeking Staple-Man: A Zinester’s Journey by Jean Mathew Deep within the concrete vastness Torontonians call Etobicoke lives an unassuming shop at 668 The Queensway. On the outside, the shop is classically suburban with an array of noisy signs on a wide nameless window, but this shop hides a little-known secret. It has been said that […]

She’s Got Moxie: A YA novel where feminist zines take front and centre

Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu Young adult fiction has picked up on social justice issues in the past couple years. Yet even though teenagers are again being introduced to zines as an outlet of rebellion, there has yet to be a rad YA book that includes the genre. Until now. Enter Moxie by high school teacher […]

knife|fork|book: A new haven for poetry in Kensington Market

the knife|fork|fork display at Rick’s Cafe. Photo from Instagram “The book is the meal.” Jeff Kirby (known as just “Kirby” to most) is seated at a small table in Rick’s Cafe. The long-running Kensington Market coffee shop is nestled on Augusta, close to Big Fat Burrito on one side and El Trompo Tacos on the […]

Brown Recluse Distro Changes Hands

Anyone who has ever run a zine distro knows it’s a complicated and often thankless labour of love. For Nyky Gomez, founder of the Brown Recluse Zine Distro, this situation was no different. Based in Seattle, Gomez founded the distro in 2013 in response to a lack of representation and support for zines created by […]

Sharpener: Suffragette City Zine

Get excited for Suffragette City zine’s second ever issue coming this November. The zine, which focuses on amplifying the intellectual and creative ideas from women, will be launching its Politics issue the weekend before the U.S. general election. Obviously, there’s a lot to talk about. But because Suffragette is a yearly publication, pieces are much more personal than […]

Introducing the Prairie Comics Festival!

In Praise of Terrible Art: London fest celebrates the “worst of creative expression”

YYZine Distro: Toronto’s Online Zine Fair

Loserdom: The Irish Punk Zine Comes of Age

Vita Nova

Misadventures of an (amateur) Photojournalist

Field Guide to the Power Lines of the Pend d’Oreille Valley

Anywhere But Here: The Road Trip Issue zine

Montreal: Putting the Lit Back in Politics Anarchist Bookfair, May 18th, 2002

aToronto: Nonviolent Director Action 2002 Images Festival of Independent Film and Video

Produit of the Issue: Cheque, Please

Corrections, Deaths and Distro News


Mok Up

Canada Customs Burns Books

Spooky Winnipeg

Public Sex

The Glorious Return of Coach House

US needs help selling mags in Canada

Heil Allanis!

Chapters magazine Snafu

Vancouver Small Press Centre

Fish Piss

A Splinter In Her Head

Free Fixin’s

The Mike Harris Voodoo Doll (complete with pins)



Alberta Uber Alles

Adbusters Doubles Their Money

Against the Grain Theatre: Indie Opera

Feminist Zine Fests: On the Up and Up

Bringing Queer History Out Of The Basement

Noise Therapy

Anything is Plausible at The Academy of the Impossible

North of Weird: Yellowknife is Alt Comedy’s New Stomping Ground

Your Own Worst Enemy

John Revolta (et la television)

From Halifax, With Love

Indie Franchises

No Sleep Till Beta

Fun or Else!

Meditation with Loud Noises

Poetry in the Streets: The Spontaneous Prose Store

Indie Style Timeline

Fun With Interiors

A Festival of Flipbooks

Product of the Issue Pierogy Finger Puppets

Maybe You Can Judge a Book by its Cover

An Ode to Daniel (The 178th Street Dancing Guy)

Woolen Graffiti? Knitta Please

A Tale of Two Distros

Building Literary Ground

Introducing Fantasy Camp

Bridgetown Records

Art Around Every Corner

Getting Regional in the Red Shed

Expozine November 2005

Artist HelpLine

Prairie Jaunt

Product of the Issue, Zombie Portraits

Down, Under Ground: Sticky and Aussie Zine Culture

Hell on Roller Skates

Tales from the TCAF

The Reading Raum

Rockin the Oven One man’s mission to play kitchens everywhere

The Story of Stylus

subTerrain Reaches a Milestone

Is Ottawa’s (Very) Small Press Fair Facing Extinction?

Colour me Porno

State of Georgia The enviable career of a young zinemaker

You Down with 911? The Emergency Response Unit will have you apoplectic with literary concern

Gardening on Mars with Laura Barrett

Artists Crack the Game Code

Spartacus Books Rises from the Ashes

The 48 Hour Film

Subway Anagrams and the Wrath of the Transit System

Subway Efficiency Guide

Park Gallery


Save the Mondragon!

TRADE: Queer Things (1999-2006)

The Fat Femme Mafia

Living off the City

Art That Won’t Be Boxed In

Good Gentrified Grub

Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta

Cut and Paste…And Go to Jail?

Lockpick Pornography


The Urban Beast Project

Playing with Scissors

My Dad is the Chief of Police

Anarchy In Utero