Zombie Jesus

Well, the title isn’t trying to tease your imagination here. This is the story of a man who rose from the grave–so the title of zombie fits, actually. Steve Miller’s short about Christ’s return to assemble an army of the undead plays off the obvious Christian flesh and blood tropes, but succeeds with campy appeal. Mary, the estranged daughter of the local preacher-turned-zombie, must struggle with the realization that the return of Christ has brought her a little more distant from her father. Through the help of her friend Isaac “the local Jew,” they must slay the resurrected, brain-consuming Jesus before he enslaves the town and turns it into an army of the undead. Aside from a few groan-inducing moments of dialogue, the film thankfully never attempts to take itself seriously. And while Zombie Jesus runs a little long, the image of a zombie last supper is a nice surprise. (James King)

Dir. Steve Miller


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