Kiss Off 13

Chris Kiss writes in his punk rock fanzine about living in Ottawa and the things he does and the people he sees. The silk screened cover is well suited to the content, depicting a vague landscape underneath hydro lines and giving off a frustrated, lonely vibe. I appreciated the nostalgic typewriter text and the interesting visuals that break up the writing and divide the chapters. The zine consists of scraps and pieces of stories in which Chris visits with friends, breaks up with his girlfriend and misses his stop on the bus. The chapter “Soweto, SA: Devendra,” however, seems a little misplaced, in which Chris suddenly adopts a textbook tone detailing South African politics. The writing is good, but at times tries too hard to invoke an atmosphere that I think is already present. Overall the composition and arrangement of the writing is easy and interesting to read and Chris’s voice is observant and wistful. (Grace Evans)

Perzine, issue #13, Chris Kiss, 1084 Dovercourt Rd, Toronto, ON, M6H 2X8


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