Zero for Conduct: The Zine of Counter-Film

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Zero for Conduct: The Zine of Counter-Film

You really don’t see many zines about fringe film, and that’s a shame. I’m not a cinephile myself, but I have a tendency to date them, and not just for their DVD collections. The truth is, I like to hear stories about how films are made, and Zero for Conduct does this in a straightforward and entertaining way. It may be a bit technical for the average reader in some places, and it could have used more essay-style articles rather than just sticking with interviews. Otherwise, it’s a treat for anyone who is even remotely interested in film, and the Canadian indie film scene in particular. I just hope that Harrison continues to make these, and that the next one is longer. (J. Blackmore)

Zine, Flick Harrison, 2-495- E 28th Ave, Vancouver, BC, VSV 2N2,, $2.50 including postage


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