Xerography Debt

Zine Review:

Xerography Debt

A review zine reviewed in a review zine! Davida’s introduction asks the eternal question of whether zines are being killed by the Internet. The following pages seem to answer that question for me–there are so many zines reviewed in here, with the charming send-money-or-trade-in-an-envelope-mailed-to-a-stranger instructions. Each reviewer writes a bit about their own projects and then reviews some zines, which is a nice format. A few of them go more into depth with their reviews and you get a bit of an idea of who is writing. I’m inspired by reading about all these zines I’ve never heard of, and several of the reviewers are from non-North America locations, which is awesome, although still mostly they review US-based zines. (Sarah Evans)

review zine, #23, $3, Davida Gypsy Breier, editor, PO Box 11064 Baltimore, MD, 21212, USA



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