WORGINK FOR FREE – An Ocular Binge of Gig Art

In this collection we find a series of flyers and posters created by Mike Twohig to promote the many shows he has been involved in booking. This art has a surreal, in-your-face style to it, and among my favourite images are the guitar-playing bird with a safety pin through its head, a beetle riding a unicycle and a blindfolded rockstar with an arm for a penis. And those are just the ones that I’m able to put into words. I suppose Twohig phrases it best by calling this an “ocular binge.” With an eye for the bizarre and a frequently macabre sense of humour, he has created a very lovely collection of illustrations that proves true art need not be confined to museums and galleries. (Michael Tau)

by Mike Twohig artzine, Mike Twohig, $4 or trade, MikeTwohig.artconspiracy.com, m_twohig@hotmail.com, Mike Twohig, 145 Meadow Farm North, North Chili, NY, 14514


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