Who Is the Slow Poisoner?

This is a little press booklet for the Slow Poisoner CD that comes with it. While the music has been handled by Broken Pencil’s music department, I’m here to give brief mention to the little comic that comes with it. Like the rest of Andrew Goldfarb’s work (particularly the Ogner Stump strips), this is a wonderfully illustrated little comic that describes how to put a hex on someone. If you order a copy of the Slow Poisoner CD, make sure to ask Goldfarb to throw this little booklet in the mail with it. (Michael Tau)

comic, Andrew Goldfarb, $3 with CD, www.theslowpoisoner.com, andrew@theslowpoisoner.com, Andrew Goldfarb, 1593 McAllister St. #206, San Francisco, CA, 94115


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