This is The Magazine FOR Queen Street, ABOUT Queen Street, and, no, they do not cover bands, beers and black fabrics. The best quality of this monthly digest is its focus on history, architecture and landscape from Parkdale to the Beaches. The worst aspect of the zine is its utter desperation for advertising revenue and legitimacy, and its willingness to turn its copy into advertorial to please local merchants and restauranteurs. More local history, interviews and ideas, please; combine that with event listings and you ll do just fine with advertisers. And why not allow just a few of the black-clad hordes to creep in after dark? At this point, Queen Street really can t be Queen Street (for better or worse) without em.

‘zine / August ’95, 48 pages / publisher: Show Business Productions / main creator: Yvonne Desjardins / Free / 1688 Queen St. W., Suite 2A Toronto, ON M6R 1A9


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