Weak Species

This zine is packaged like a magazine complete with satirical ads, an index and a glossy cover. The presentation is pretty impressive, complete with well-drawn and detailed illustrations. However, the messages behind them–such as gas consumption and the evils of SUVs–are tired and cliched. A comic called “Mobile Millie in Cute Shoes” shows Millie walking around town with a cup of Starbucks oblivious to issues such as gas shortage, striking workers at a factory, poverty and violence. Okay, we get it. We’re a weak species and slaves to comfort. While it’s good to point out that our habits have lead to the destruction of the planet and gross economic and societal injustices, it would have been nice to see some suggestions on how to become more proactive. (Andrew Robinson)

art zine, Mile Murtanovski, Vol. 1, Issue 1, $5, kebapi.com


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