Various Artists, Stomp Atlantica Compilation

There are 27 tracks on this compilation, but I ran outta steam at 23 (I’m not as young as I used to be). Here’s what I found: political spoken word á la the Last Poets with a human beat-box, punk rock channeling a young Joe Strummer, yodeling country crooning with ever present chorus vocals on chorus, duhduh-duhduh crusty punk, trying-to-get-laid boy-folk, electro-clash, early Ani-dissatisfied girl-folk, punk rock that grew up on metal, casio-punk, piano-pop verses with buzzsaw choruses, bratty psychedelic punk, soft-sensitive boy post-punk, screeching babble punk, surprisingly competent Las Vegas glam rock, more generic punk, angry guy with acoustic guitar, sloppy babble punk with cardboard drums, buzzsaw punk, dark synth with non-ironic robot references, heroic punk, guitar drone action, yelling punk, and then slide guitar psyche folk. You be the judge. (Terence Dick)

CD, Sharpie Fumes Collective, 6265 North St., Halifax, NS, B3L 1P4


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