Various Artists – I’m Somebody Too

This compilation, a follow up to the double CD Somebody Needs a Timeout from 2002, will unfortunately be overshadowed by the concurrent release of the Broken Social Scene sponsored See You on the Moon compilation of more high profile indie rockers doing kid’s songs. The Campfire kids make up in quantity what they might miss in Pitchfork-approved credibility. My two year old didn’t much care for anything on this but then again she’s into hip hop and so underground her diapers are on Stillepost. I, on the other hand, think there are some damn catchy tunes herein, I just wish I could remember them. They might have something to do with Chloe and Luke, Luke Doucet, Colleen Hixenbaugh and the Kelele Brothers. They might have something to do with Filmmaker, Bob Wiseman, Kitt and the Kimmie Cat. There’s a lot here. Take a boo. (Terence Dick)

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