Usra Leedham, The Architect’s Wound

With a title like that, you know the CD can only be one thing: wretched. But incomprehensibly wretched? I don’t think I’m alone in this, but operatic trip hop has no place in the modern world. Well, the modern world outside of Europe, but they haven’t understood music in over a hundred years (serial composition, anybody? Didn’t think so), which makes it only fitting that this has been put out by a French Label. The vocals are too much to handle, the musical ideas are mediocre at best, and the drum machines pack as much punch as Extra Mild cigarettes. Plus, something is really sinister and fatalistic about her song titles: “It Has Been Said?” “The Deed Is Done” ?? “On the 6th of 9 Moons”??? Why does this music even exist in someone’s head? (Matt Collins)



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