Unorthodox Tips for Riding the TTC


Transit geeks are turning into sex symbols these days-they’re getting centrefolds in big newspapers-even though they still spend a lot of time underground and tend to fixate on the unglamourous minutiae of urban infrastructure. Sean Lerner, the playboy of public transit who brought us the arcane and utilitarian Subway Rider Efficiency Guide, has elaborated on his fetish with this comprehensive list of tips for riding on public transit. Its tips are sensible (“hold the handrail”), clever (“carry your bus fare inside your glove”), humane (“take off your backpack on a crowded bus”), philosophical (“the bus comes when it comes”), and frank (“Warden station sucks. It’s cold, ugly, and super windy. Do not move or work near there”). Much of this zine is actually helpful, and all of it is cute. It’s also free, if you download it from the website. (Anna Bowness) [Editor’s note: this zine initially appeared on our website as the May Zine of the Month, and will always be worth of that status. It has, however, graciously ceded its primacy to make room for the three family-oriented zines that comprise this issues Zines of the Month. We thank family man Sean Lerner for his humility.]

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