Underwater Cigarettes

Underwater Cigarettes is what a little zine should be. Lovingly crafted and photocopied, it’s a smorgasbord of drawings, photos, vegan manifestos, recipes, stories and a dash of random musings on life. The entire zine is handwritten, and mercifully, Elizabeth’s writing is neat and legible. I sometimes found the vegan bits a tad preachy, but the random life reflections and artwork make up for it. There’s a wintery/hibernation/holiday theme and even a “bonus recipe” for pork cake! She probably found it in an old recipe book back in the day when they didn’t know better. Ingredients call for a pound of fresh ground pork, molasses, cinnamon, dates and raisins. (Michelle Kay)

zine, Elizabeth, issue #3, $2 or trade, 62-5352 Ave du Parc, Montreal, QC, H2V 4G8, underwatercigarettes@gmail.com


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