Ulik: le petit phoque

Seal on a Soapbox! Capitalism’s inadequacies, bourgeois feminist ideologies in Alanis Morissette songs, society’s meaningless quest for happiness is all soliloquied but never knocked over our heads by Ulik, the little seal. Poor Ulik! It’s the little seal who is phoqued because he’s the one that keeps getting bashed. The running gag is Ulik’s sense of paranoia regarding being clubbed to death, which occurs with fitting cartoonish regularity after he poses the question, “eh?” at the end of his monologues. And yet, dear Ulik is transformed into a fawned-over cause. Seventies-feel drawings and excellent ribbing on the sensitive issues surrounding prototypical Canadian iconography. Intelligent humour. J’aime. (Melissa Bull)

zine, Michael Hind, $2, 2460 Knox, Montreal QC, H3K 1P9


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