True Love

Adam and Dave are a humourous filmmaking team from Toronto who sometimes multiply to become a foursome (with Katie Crown and Aaron Eves) in their comedy troupe Knock Knock. (Who’s There) Comedy! When they are reduced in size and numbers, however, they create films of varying lengths and qualities, and one of their more recent inventions is True Love.

Screening at the 2006 Toronto International Film Festival, True Love is the short story of the long lasting, though very rare love that is born of (or rather, forced during) a hostage taking. While shopping in a record store, the unwitting pair are introduced, taken hostage and pressured into a long lasting marriage.

Fans of the most ridiculous brands of comedy will enjoy True Love, and most of Adam and Dave’s repertoire. But if you need catch phrases and punchlines to keep you laughing, look elsewhere. (Lindsay Gibb)

Dir. Adam Brodie & Dave Derewlany,


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