To Lead Them Away From Him & poetry and prose by iced limb

poetry and prose by iced limb

There is a big difference between having an abundant vocabulary and being able to write. Iced limb certainly displays an abundant vocabulary used in these two volumes. I really don’t like to be harsh in these reviews, but the writing in these two collections needs much improvement. There is certainly potential there, and having a strong vocabulary will help that. But the prose and poetry displayed here is, at best, affected, and at worst dull and self-congratulatory. The story “When I first moved to the city” is a good example. Here is a story that starts off typical and mundane, and peppered and flowered with fancy words. But it takes an interesting turn in plot, and I got keen to see where it would go-I could get past the “dear reader” conceit to follow this through. But then it falls flat again, right down to nothing. I’ll always encourage people to keep writing, but I’ll also always encourage people to find and trust a good editing buddy who get tell you when your stuff just isn’t working. (Jon Pressick)

Litzine, iced limb, $2, 2735 East 26th Ave., Vancouver, BC, V5R 1L1,


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