Tiny Magnets

Tiny Magnets is crafty and hilarious. It sucks you in with its sneaky beauty; the fancy paper, the artsy cover, the real sewing that binds it together. And the inside! The beautiful girly loopy handwriting! The curvy edging on the paper! Airin really wants us to believe that the writing is going to be as perfectly pretty as the packaging it comes in–she’s even written “this is a love story” across the back cover. And it’s disappointing to discover, upon first reading, that it is–I found myself rolling my eyes as I read about the chance meeting and love-at-first-sight affair of “Bella von Luggage” and “Chloe Lemington.” “Oh boy,” I thought, “how pretentiously pretty.” But here’s the thing: Airin totally got me. The second-page of this two-page love story contains a fantastic twist and a strange, absurdist ending that left me giggling. I re-read this three times, which is pretty good for two short pages of text. Highly recommended. (Emma Healey)

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