timezones and statelines

This split zine epitomizes the essence of “zine” for me–both visually and content-wise. Wrekk and Lastufka have each introduced and written exactly half of this zine, both writing seasonally based stories of love and proximity. Each person has dissected their stories into little cut-up blurts, arrayed over heavily collaged backdrops. Now that silk-screened covers and ultra-clean design seem to be so common amongst zine makers, the busy, loose style of this zine makes me nostalgic. The sparseness of the story details makes the frustration of these characters palpable, and it’s amplified through all the nervous night-time car conversations and waiting these people do. There’s an innocence to all this intensity, when you’re an outside reader bearing witness. While I get a bit annoyed at all the awkwardness, Timeszones just as readily charms me into reflecting on those loves I’ve had who’ve always been just a little out of reach. (Sarah Pinder)

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