The lifeguards of this inkpool say it is intended for browsing: We ve adapted the contents to meet your needs as a driftwood sculptor. This means the zine consists mostly of photos of the editor and his comrades doing lab work in Slack 101 in various locales across the country, favouring Windsor bars named Buzz s and The Terradactyl Lounge. There are a few snatches of sustained prose for example, a dictionary of Pedro Speak, which seems to be the choice jargon of fans of Mike Watt and Firehose but words are not the focus here. Just surf through the blotches, the editors seem to be saying, that s the point, that s the life, have a spliff, shut your eyes, put your hand right here… Best line: How can we be so skinny and live so phat?

zine / #3, 40 pages / publisher: Derek Cerovski / main Creator: Derek Cerovski / 25 cents / 63 Pitt Street, Apt. X Windsor, ON N9A 2V3




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