This Zine is Called Shut the Fuck Up!

Having this zine in your bag is not unlike having your younger brother stay 14 forever. Insults? Look no further. Frankenstein flips you the bird, Tupac Shakur flips you the bird, as does Joe Pesci and some porn stars hanging out with Falcor the flying dog (read technical term: “luckdragon”) from the Neverending Story. This is a flashback to how high school really was; none of that class photo or yearbook crap. Rarely in zines do we find such an uninhibited frenzy of Photoshop madness, taking the cut and paste DIY to the next level of postmodern irony. Behind all the abrasive finger-flipping, we see a brilliant mind collaging together the trash culture of our times, though most of it would better seen in a) subway graffiti, b) a student art show in Brooklyn or c) in a Chelsea gallery. Hot? Very. To quote the genius, “Even Falcor thinks you should fuck off.” Someone pass me the oven mitts. (Nadja Sayej)

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