This Is Why I Live Here #1

zine review:

This Is Why I Live Here #1

True to its claim of being full of “things ‘n’ stuff,” this zine offers random thoughts, diagrams and illustrations from the mind of a person observing it. It even includes an interview with a band and a menu from a restaurant. It’s written in a haphazard man­ner that would be charming if it wasn’t so poorly presented. Some of the things that are said are interesting, and really, I am the type of person who tries to find the good in everything, but there just isn’t a lot of it to mention here. Some of the most profound things included within the zine are taken from other sources.

To me it seems rushed, somewhat lacking in actual personal character, which is something that makes zine culture, in my opinion, truly unique and interesting. Unless you’re a big fan of the two-man musical group “the Chords,” you could probably skip this one without feeling too badly. (Tara Blackmore)



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