The Spill

A Toronto-based music-scene thing which hasn’t been updated since June. Come on you guys, get with it. The Toronto music scene isn’t that slow. You get three things from this site (not counting the annoyingly-large logo graphic): band interviews, concert reports and CD reviews. They did manage to get hold of some interesting bands to talk to. This issue features Crash Vegas, treble charger and Victims of Luxury, who complain about the music industry and modestly down play their latest CD. The concert and CD reviews are a bit gushing, but hey, they were written by fans. All in all, The Spill ain’t no Addicted To Noise, but it’s better than a lot of music-oriented sites out there. Worth a look if they update it soon.

e-zine no publisher necessary main creator: Unknown free http: //www. mag ic. ca/ magicmedia/spill/ 


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