The Secret Files of Captain Sissy

A zine by the people for the people, The Secret Files of Captain Sissy has a decidedly anti-Republican slant without ever coming right out and saying it. Which is nice. The zine’s editor Andy Cornell looks to be a man of action, and he speaks of various ways to live your life outside the mainstream and still find truth and fulfillment and all that crap. He talks about his internship at with the United Steelworkers of America, driving a bookmobile across the USA and the Great West Philadelphia Food Co-op Strike of 2002. The best thing about Secret Files is that it’s not written in a preachy manner. Cornell is merely talking about his experiences and leaves it up to the reader, whether they want to buy in or not. Plus he obviously has a pretty good sense of humour about things, as his rant of Flaming Hot Cheetos (or FHCs, as he likes to call ’em) proves. Well written and impeccably edited, Secret Files is a smart and thoughtful read with a lot of spirit and a lot of heart (Cameron Gordon) (Cameron Gordon)

1090 Greene Avenue, #2, Brooklyn, NY, 11221,


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