The Scrap Paper Review

Backwards: it opens with the worst sentence and ends with the best. While this small, thick-papered zine printed on canary yellow and beige paper begins with “How was work today, hon?” it ends with the provocative death of an Amish man who crashes into the candy aisle of a store, and whose last words are “I’m sorry.” No better way to end a zine. But while the ending impresses, the rest focuses on the banality and the quirks of folk life in the countryside of Knox County. Your hosts are Christoph and Lisa, two urban-born city dwellers who just don’t feel at home in the rural. They do capture the essence of refreshing moments though, like the one story in which Lisa, a dentist in Danville, gets called “Doc” for the first time and considers it “so small town.” The stories are like swatting butterfly nets, always catching a certain kind of magic that’s usually hit or miss. (Nadja Sayej)

Zine, Christoph Meyer, P.O. Box 106, Danville, OH, 43014, U.S.A.


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