The Pamphleteer

The Pamphleteer is a sporadically charming appetizer/bulletin for the much more consistently charming Wonderella Printed, a small publishing house out of Berkeley. Writer/publisher Clint Marsh offers reviews and advertisements, as well as glimpses into the “current state of pamphleteering and other human-scale publishing ventures.” There is also a somewhat flat fairy tale that claims the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen as inspiration but has none of their darkness or density.

While the content is hit-and-miss, The Pamphleteer has a distinct visual and tactile appeal. Potential subscribers, though, may first wish to peruse (Daniel Marrone)

zine, Clint Marsh, November 2007 issue, $5,, P.O. Box 10145, Berkeley, Calif., 94709, USA


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