The Morning Light

I like the idea of using a broadside: treating a poem like a semi-precious work of art, a limited edition print. Words to be treasured, framed, preserved for future generations.

I received number 179 of 200 copies of Jason Heroux’s poem, The Morning Light.

It consisted of blood-red words on egg yolk-coloured card stock, embossed. But my copy was unsigned. Am I not special enough?

I feel privileged to have read his words, but I wonder: will Heroux’s poetry ever be read by anyone else-apart from my 199 fellow “collectors?” Is this it? Will Jason Heroux lock away his poetry? Will it be left up to me and people like me, to transfer and transcribe his words-possibly with copyright violations, possibly with terrible repercussions-for future generations?

I recommend you invest in the mighty broadside now: a shiny loonie will get you a unique piece of poetry, suitable for framing. (Andrée Lachapelle)

Litzine, Jason Heroux, Broadside, $1 each, David McNamara, Publisher,, 617-905-6747


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