The Hell Passport Project

Tridents, sex drive and horns aside; you need a passport to get into hell. As a project of 16 volumes, each comic interprets a strange hell passport as purchased in Vancouver’s Chinatown (probably from a dismembered toy game). The first volumes are by a) Toronto’s Julie Voyce who uses psychedelic-infused tropical greenery as a path downward, b) Montreal’s Billy Mavreas who investigates the descent through a self-inflicted dictionary of devils, and c) Vancouver’s Colin Upton who raises the flames around the demon king and his psychological tortures around taxes and bribery. Look out for future passports by Amy Lockhart, Owen Plummer and Fiona Smyth. Now you have a hell passport (all numbered the same: 27220. Coincidence?). But wait. One question remains: where’s customs? (Nadja Sayej)


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