The Grey – Asleep at the Wheel

I remember one summer evening, it must have been about fifteen years ago now. We were in the middle of a heatwave and for some reason I was taking the subway, not riding my bike, to the other side of town. I remember climbing out of a subway station and waiting on a bus platform, wrestling with whether I should take the northbound bus to a party with the lifeguards I was working with that summer or take the southbound bus to see Fugazi in concert. I wasn’t a diehard fan but I did enjoy some of the songs on their records and knew it would be a good show. I also knew that it would be packed (the cover charge was only $5) and sweltering. I would be pushed around and probably not able to see anything and I didn’t know anyone else who was going. If I went to the party, I could stare at cute girls and drink someone else’s beer until I didn’t feel so bad about not talking to the cute girls. Maybe I could dance. There would be no girls at the concert. My choice was made and I took the bus north. I figured I’d easily have another chance to see Fugazi play, they always came through town, they were like the Greatful Dead of hardcore. For whatever reasons, I never did see them play and probably never will. I kind of regret that. I have no memory of the party; it was just one amongst hundreds of wasted evenings. I would have remembered the concert. This CD makes me think of that evening fifteen years ago. (Terence Dick)

CD, Lovitt Records, PO Box 100248, Arlington, VA, 22210-9998, USA


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