The Great Small Fishes

This quarterly British e-zine has the potential to become a Who’s Who of the indie world. The layout is uncluttered and sleek, with pages that you “turn” to see the next article, making it an e-zine in the truest sense of the term. Quality trumps quantity, with just a handful of interviews and articles on some of Britain’s finest indie-kids in the site’s premiere issue. Artists featured range from high profile (but still indie-identifying) rock star photographer Dean Chalkley to the owners of an emerging lingerie label called Ophelia Fancy. Also featured are comedians, poets, filmmakers, singers and writers, all interviewed by the zine’s creator and editor, Kelly Buckley. With a bit of layout tweaking and a few more issues, The Great Small Fishes could soon be a very handy indie resource. (Jennifer Fabro)


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