The Gospel of Screenprinting


Oh man, I was a giddy little creature when I got this. And it didn’t disappoint in the least. I’m a sometime screenprinter, keen to make my own shirts and things, and I learned everything I needed to know-if not more-from reading this great resource. It’s got all the info you need to get started with paper and fabric printing-from the right equipment to get, to the proper techniques to follow and the best supplies to use. Brad really puts the best in these pages. Accentuated with easy-to-read drawings, useful tips and an excellent resource section, this is a must-have how-to manual for beginners or a great reference for experienced printers. And the stunning silver ink on the cover should inspire-this is what you can do if you read this zine. (Jon Pressick)

How-to zine, Brad/Tenfortyfive Press, $6, 617 E. 49th St., Savannah, GA, 31405, U.S.A.,


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