The Flip Side

The Flip Side is a collection of images that were rejected from other publications. Satchi, their creator, felt that they should still be seen by other people, and so created this zine. I almost wish he hadn’t, but not because the drawings are particularly terrible, or even because I don’t like art. Satchi’s work has the disturbing, surreal, magnetic quality of nightmares. Some of the more complicated drawings can suck you in, making you feel dizzy and ill. I cannot claim to understand anything I saw in this collection. I would like to nit-pick, and point out that spelling errors sometimes ruin the other-world-graffiti effect of some pieces, but I know it’s a small point. These drawings seem to be coming at you out of the page, clawing at you to pulling you inside. So, yes, there is a reason Satchi’s drawings aren’t getting printed in pro zines: it’s possible no one is ready for them yet. (J. Blackmore)

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