The Extraordinary Life of Michael Elvidge

I have to admit, at first I wasn’t too impressed with Elvidge’s life, which seems, well, rather ordinary. I couldn’t decide if the title of the zine was sarcastic or not because most of the comics lack similar sarcasm or anything really resembling humour. But after reading it over a couple more times, I found I understood what he meant perfectly. In a life like Elvidge’s that appears pretty mundane–that is to say, a life that resembles that of most people–absolutely ordinary things start to seem a little ridiculous and weird, things such as the conversations old people have in hospital waiting rooms. So maybe Elvidge isn’t an astronaut or a candy-maker, but so what? He sure knows how to poke a finger right into yer soul and ask–what’s ordinary anyway? And that is something certainly worth thinking about. (Claudia Calabro)

Michael Elvidge, P.O. Box 663, Durham, Ontario, N0G1R0.


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