The Exile Book of Canadian Sports Stories

Priscila Uppal works too hard, though it’s tough to find fault in her efforts. After editing the successful anthology 20 Canadian Poets Take On the World (Exile Editions) Uppal’s at it again, this time putting together The Exile Book of Canadian Sports Stories. The book deftly assembles work from some surprising sources (Susanna Moodie? Check. Lisa Moore? Check.), and holds a high standard for inclusion, as every selection is worth reading in its own right. Aside from obvious choices like Roch Carrier’s “The Hockey Sweater” and a baseball piece from George Bowering (though “October 1, 1961” is an unexpected and delightful sci-fi story), Uppal has given the reader a diverse selection of Canadian sports writing, including Dionne Brand’s “I Used to Like the Dallas Cowboys” and Mark Jarman’s “The Scout’s Lament.” In a volume that could easily have been over-saturated with hockey stores, Exile’s latest is a thoughtful and considered anthology. Even if you’re not a sport’s fan, this book should be on your shelf. (Andrew Faulkner)

edited by Priscila Uppal, $24.95 351 pgs, Exile Editions, 144483 Southgate Road 14 General Delivery Holstein, ON, N0G 2A0,



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