The East Village Inky

This issue revolves around our hero’s triumph as a summer camp counsellor, getting the kids to take part in a Viking funeral for their regrets and trying to make them enjoy Terry Gilliam films such as Brazil and Time Bandits (which they don’t). We also get to partake in her misery through various memories of digging through garbage cans for lost retainers.

Ayun’s digressions are entertaining, as we get to read about the time when Gilliam guest lectured a class when she was in college, and we also learn how to create our own Viking funeral (complete with precautions for avoiding bed bugs by not picking materials from the neighbour’s garbage. Topical!)

Previous Broken Pencil reviewers have criticized the busy layout of The East Village Inky for detracting from the content, but I think, after 45 issues of the thing, it is the identifying face of the zine and, really, the fact that it’s so packed with content is what gives you the bang for your buck (or three). Sure, it can be overwhelming when you’re stepping in to it for the first time, but I feel like the chaos gives you a glimpse into Ayun’s brain and how it works — it’s full of digressions and illustrations that represent elements of her thoughts. Personally, I like it in there. (Lindsay Gibb)

Perzine, #45, PO Box 22754, Brooklyn NY, 11202, USA,, U.S.$3.


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