The Day is Gone

Ed Morton specializes in the grotesque and the disfigured in this disturbing collection of sketches. This artwork chronicles Morton’s return to the sketchbook after a four month creative slump, and while I am unfamiliar with his other work, this booklet makes for an enjoyable if creepy look. Morton has a fascination with horror imagery, and is particularly adept at drawing gnarled, depraved faces; curiously, however, I found two faceless sketches–Waiting for the Wedding and Traditional Divorce Gown–to be the most personally affecting of this collection. The Day is Gone is an interesting zine; I am curious as to how Morton’s style would translate to a larger scale. (Michael Tau)

sketchbook, Ed Morton, issue 1, 534 Armour Rd, Peterborough, ON, K9H 1Y9,


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