The Corduroy Kid – The Sleep Project

My brother tends to like heavy, bass-driven music. He likes to drive around with his car stereo speakers cranked so loud the vibrations from them actually seem to be massaging your heart with every beat. But sometimes, even he needs to relax (usually with a few friends and a bottle of Colt 45), so it was with him in mind that I reviewed Corduroy Kid’s The Sleep Project, a lively blend of scratching, beats, and reggae that would most certainly get my big brother’s attention. Toronto’s longstanding love affair with electronic and Caribbean music is amply demonstrated by local techno-geek Shawn Hall, who displays a keen ear for the kind of catchy rhythms that keep people on the floor. If you like any of the aforementioned genres, this album is definitely worth checking out. (Karyn Bonham)

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