The Chubby Bounty Hunter Book 4

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The Chubby Bounty Hunter Book 4

A more recent effort from Adam Thompson, whose other zine I’ve also reviewed for this issue, Chesterfield Pecker is the fourth chapter in a quirky, apocalyptic adventure tale featuring narrator-character Uyugomiak. Unfortunately, I haven’t read the three previous booklets, so perhaps I am missing a bit of context here. Nevertheless, Chesterfield Pecker stands alone to an extent, tracking the progress of Uyugomiak and his half-animal friends through an extensive Ontarian sewer system as some sort of bizarre, interspecies war is being waged. Despite the wacky prose, I found it difficult to focus on this story, perhaps because I missed out on the character development and back story of its predecessors. Regardless, Thompson’s effort here is a little hit-or-miss; it boasts a unique voice, but frequently gets lost in its ownidiosyncrasiestothepointofneglecting the reader. I will concede, however, that the blend of comic art and text employed within provides a fairly memorable ride, and that the final scene makes a big splash that almost excuses the story’s less inspired diversions. (Michael Tau)

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