The Chainbreaker Bike Book: A Rough Guide to Bicycle Maintenance

Shelley Lynn Jackson and Ethan Clark team up to enlighten the most timid and unwilling of cycle riders to the beauty of DIY bicycle maintenance. As someone who would rather attempt to fix (and potentially further assist) any problems with my bike, I was intrigued. Initially. Then I opened the book, full of expectations of clarity and understanding, to be met only with page after page of dreary text and un-aesthectically pleasing design; two things, in my mind, that are crucial to any guide or walk-through. Perhaps a good reference guide at best, I rate this book slightly better than a Super Mario walk-through but significantly inferior to an Ikea illustrated assembly pamphlet. (Jeff Concannon)

by Shelley Lynn Jackson and Ethan Clark, $12, 256 pgs, 222 S Rogers St., Bloomington, IN, 47404, Microcosm Publishing,


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