the bohemian aesthetic

This slick, sophisticated ezine is an art/food/ music/film/commentary/literature-lover’s delight. Based in the US and run by Patsy Moore (American singer/songwriter, writer, poet, educator), tba is a monthly with a deservedly wide and loyal readership. Its simply laid-out pages implore you to pay attention to the sparse images and deft writings contained within. Of all the topics covered in this ezine, standouts include food commentary by Brian Parker, who eloquently delves into simple pleasures in food, like a cool watermelon on a hot day. Stuart Chait chooses films and television programs he thinks people should be paying attention to, and links them together thematically with all the skill and none of the fustiness of a university professor. The music, art, activism and literature sections and their archives will keep a highbrow bohemian, or any lover of smart writing, engrossed for hours on end. (Jennifer Fabro)


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