The Barmitzvah Brothers, Let’s Express Our Motives

There’s not a lot to say about an album conceptualized around under-appreciated jobs. Needless to say, The Barmitzvah Brothers’ Let’s Express Our Motives is pretty self-explanatory. Each track is named for an underappreciated job (i.e. Projectionist, Sign Erector, Bookbinder) with lyrics acting as a job description. At first spin it brings to mind Moldy Peaches’ Kimya Dawson and Adam Green locked in their guidance councilor’s office with a slew of instruments (including a ukulele and Wurlitzer). Admittedly, the beauty of the album lies in the whole project, including the packaging. The booklet folds out to include images to accompany several of the jobs. The band is even courteous enough to offer a few alternative playlists for those who want to listen to a specific style. Let’s Express Our Motives is perfect for fans of Joanna Newsom and the Moldy Peaches. (Andrew Seale)

CD, Weewerk Records,


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