TextaZine Four is a collection of word and picture sketches of a variety of people, locations and moments in Texta’s life and travels. It’s an interesting, eclectic series: some images draw you into a story already in progress, whereas others just seem too vague or too much of an in-joke. The art itself is decent overall, though some sketches are better than others. Some of her portraits and still-lifes tend to best capture the spirit of her subjects, but her action sketches and the rest of the portraits have a cartoonier feel that doesn’t seem intentional. This little zine grows on you, though, and Texta’s work has a mirthful and loving attention to detail that makes it real and winning. (J. Blackmore)

zine, Texta, issue 4, PO Box 64 Station C, Montreal QC H2L 4J7, and, PO Box 1283, Carlton VIC 3053 Australia, www.textaqueen.com


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