Tazewell’s Favorite Eccentric

arah infuses her pages with a youthful vibe, full of her past pain, and with the need to acknowledge her experiences. While growing into her politics we find her on the right track. There were moments I was with her, staring at pictures of graffiti and identifying with its message. A moment later I’d feel worlds removed-uncomfortable, like I was caught reading her diary, wanting to offer her words of support. She’s one of those gals whose depth of human understanding will benefit those around her. She recognizes how the zine girls’ past inspired her to make it to where she is now, and she is a voice that will encourage zine girls of the future. It will be interesting to see how her zines develop from here, and I cross my fingers that they do. (heze douglas)

Zine, Sarah R., #3, $1 or trade, 22 pgs, P.O Box 816, N.Tazewell, VA, 24630, U.S.A., piratesarah@gmail.com


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