Pam, half of the Free Toy Inside team, churned out the brillo (term of opprobrium) Superkeen in a couple of days, purportedly as a more music-oriented alternative to FTI. It s more like a set of outtakes from the other zine. This is more handwritten, messy, and spontaneous feeling than FTI. Hi-lites: a salvo against the macho air-guitar graphics used to advertise Band Warz , and some cut-ups of teen girl magazines and romance photonovels. Reviews and pet peeve rants finish the mix. Superkeen does not quite live up to its title or to the funky 70s-chick graphics up front, but it has a slapdash charm.

zine / Publishers/Main Creator: Pam / 50 cents / P.O. Box 56565, 8601 Warden Ave. Markham, ON L3R 0M6


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