Sunny Duval

A shameful myth spread amongst some musicians and music fans is that music should be original. To this end, music that is not at all catchy is created and promoted, and the nefarious goal of “mature, intelligent” rock lays down an iron rule. Fortunately, there are some out there who probably also feel that the Who lost it well before Tommy and that a rock song should have a catchy chorus. Sunny Duval is one of our soldiers. His opening salvo of “Foufoufoufoufoufou fou de toi” transcends any language border by commanding the universal singalong language of “rock.” Many die during most of this CD, through carpet bombing good times like Boo-Hoo!, but it’s OK. Sunny wants peace. The ballad Pas d’Sous effectively calls for a diplomatic ceasefire close to the end of the CD. In the negotiations with art rock, however, I don’t think Sunny will back down. (Matt Collins)

CD, Achigan


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