Summer in the Suburbs

Cut and paste aesthetic: check. Typewriter font: check. Modest Mouse lyrics: check. Wishes of running away to Montreal: check. Long rambling passages most likely taken directly from diary: check. Typos, poor punctuation, words running off the edges and obscured by staples: checkedy check check. Summer in the Suburbs, while invoking the classic traits of the personal zine genre, is still a well put together, pretty little package. I was very excited when I got it in the mail, but unfortunately the writing is far too emo, long-winded and hard to read. I have a feeling Pilles is early in her career of zine-making, and with some editing and better attention to word craft she can pull off some amazing things in the future, because she is clearly very talented artistically and puts out an asthetically-pleasing product. (Krisztina Kun)


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