Still Spring

Slice of life stories, or as this zine is called, a “24 Hour Comic” are truly tricky things. You need to write just enough that it seems as if it could be some capsule of time that just happened. And we all know that the extraordinary things that happen on television and film don’t happen to often in “real” life. At the same time, however, you do need to capture the attention of your reader. If there’s nothing there, well, I’m not going to keep reading. Still Spring is sometimes successful, sometimes not. At some points in the story, I am interested and compelled to find out what happens next. At other points, I want to put the comic down because it degenerates into the banal. When Colleen finds the balance there, combined with her excellent illustration skills, then she’ll be putting our zines that are truly wonderful. (Jon Pressick)

#207-1949 W. 5th Ave. Vancouver, BC V6J 1P6


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