This is the first edition of Squeeze, a lit-zine of poetry, prose and artwork produced by the good denizens of Northwestern Ontario. And I use “good” as an affectionate qualifier here, not as an indication of the calibre of work found in the pages of Squeeze — because good it ain’t. Poetry dominates, most of it unskillfully opaque and wildly epic. Earnest visions of “triturated” selves and the “the poisoned paradise of deviated dreams” compete with wacky collages aimed at subjugating that pesky, shellac-haired nuclear family. It’s a jarring effect. And not only that, it’s all been done before. Squeeze is in dire need of a vision of its own — and a good edit. Both of which, invariably, come with time. Until then, here’s hoping the mood brightens in Thunder Bay. (Sara Forsyth)

Litzine, Rick Federick (Ed), burning.books. press, 250 Park Ave, Suite 101, Thunder Bay, ON, P7A 8A9, squeezebbp@tbaytel.net



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