Skookum Boom

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Skookum Boom

Skookum Boom opens up its mystifying fifth issue with bad poetry, obvious commentary, and really poor art. A casual browser might lose interest almost immediately, and that would be a shame. The centrepiece of this issue is an in-depth look at the social and political climate of Chiapas, a story that has fallen out of vogue in the news. It’s interesting, biased, and thoroughly invigorating, which made me wonder what Skookum Boom’s publishing philosophy is. This is a good deal of meaty journalism for a sub-standard art zine, and the opening sections are an uncomfortable distraction in what could be a decent rebel rag. Maybe Skookum’s creators need a reminder: socialist publishing does NOT mean you have to print crap. If you want to have a voice and make a difference, stick to your theme, pay attention to your layout, and edit your final copy until it bleeds. (J. Blackmore)

Zine, Niall White and Tedd Slim, issue 5, 50p/$1,



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